Established in 1996, the company was started by Peter Alcock under the name of SSS Corporate Research LLC in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The company was conducting business intelligence investigations and providing clients with due diligence reports.

By 1997 ICR opened its second office in Dubai to handle the growing demand for Brand Protection Services within the country. By the end of 1997 ICR was working for a number of international clients including but not limited to Hewlett Packard, Casio, Philip Morris, Danfoss, Caterpillar and the British Electrical Manufacturers Association.

Due to the growing demand for Global IPR, in 1999 ICR setup a team of investigators in Dubai and China to work on the identification and seizure of counterfeit products at source in China. Due to the success of the operation, ICR maintained the team and embedded additional investigators within the country to continue the local investigations and enforcement actions for its clients.

In 2001, ICR moved its headquarters to Larnaca, Cyprus.

By 2004, ICR was again expanding, and this time into Africa which saw the establishment of ICR Kenya, a company setup to handle Brand Protection and investigations across Africa. The branch of ICR prospered over the years however due to security issues within the country, ICR had to close the office in 2015. Staff are still operating in the country however no physical office is currently maintained.

In 2015, Peter Alcock retired and Andrew Ollier was appointed the new Managing Director/Partner of ICR Global Ltd.

2016, ICR have established a joint partnership within Ethiopia and are able to provide full investigation services across a number of countries within Africa.

2017, ICR moved into new offices in Larnaca, Cyprus