Night Driving

Road in the dark (Specialty 1.7)



Night driving is part of the basic road traffic knowledge and takes place in the car in real traffic situations. It is the instructor who runs, while that student is a passenger.


When can I take?


We advise you to take driving as early as possible in the training. There are still some restrictions on what time of year you can implement it:


In the bright season it is impossible to take driving. Takes you Trafikalt foundation in the period 16 March – 31 October, without getting carried driving, the proof is only valid in the period 16 March – 31 October.

In order to practice driving during the period November 1 – March 15, you will need to carry out driving at first.

Once you have completed night-time driving, you will receive a new certificate from the Public Roads Administration as valid all year. You can also find evidence of Your page.


On course teaches you about


causalities in case of accidents in the dark

assessment of risk

right use of lights and behavior when driving, parking and emergency stop in the dark