Why choose us?

        We are best at helping you through training on a good, social security and the right way.


  We have both female and male experienced driving instructors

  We show up at the meeting places Økern, Mortensrud, Lambert After or Saga Cinema when appointment starts.

  We run on evenings at no additional cost.

Teaching at ECO Trafikkskole

ECO driving school aims for students to learn as much as possible in the shortest possible time!

To kunnne achieve this goal is customized teaching a keyword by ECO driving school.

Students are tailored its training programs for their needs and skills, if you want to practice driving much private, or whether you want all driving practice at the driving school, and we guarantee the best possible education for every individual.

In ECO Trafikkskole takes all training after the supplementary principle, so as not being introduced to new challenges until one is assured of the previous one. ECO Trafikkskolen emphasizes that students should be aware of what you like fresh motorist must pay attention to and that you develop a good understanding of risk.

We do what we can to ensure that all students should feel cared for and that teaching becomes constructive. By that we mean that there is a plan for every single run time, with theoretical preparation, choice of training area and that the student is thoroughly followed up with, among other duties until the next driving lesson.

Our goal is to guide, advise, teach you the best way possible so that you pass the driving test, which in turn will measure whether objectives have been met and whether you have the knowledge and skills required to allow you to travel on their own.